How to Add Emoji To Your WordPress Blog Posts.

WP emoji

At some point while writing a blog posts, I get the need to use an emoji to express some feelings and emotion.


They are no where to be found. Arrggh.

I be like – “How do i add smileys to wordpress posts

So, I did my findings and decided to make a post about it. I’m pretty sure you might also be in the same shoe as mine.

So, Let’s get to the point on How to add emoji to your wordpress posts.

There are 2 method i know to go about adding emoji to your wordpress.

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Copying and Pasting from Emoji

The method doesn’t require you to install a wordpress plugin.


In exchange, you need to do some extra work.

By extra work, i meant you will have to copy the emoji from a emoji library resource and paste in your blog. A better one to try out and use is EmojiCopy

The process is easy:

  1. Go to the library resource site
  2. Search for your preferred emoji
  3. Paste inside your blog post editor.

I will assume you’re already on EmojiCopy website and you’ve located your preferred emoji. 🥳


I will be using the geeky angry face. LoL

Click on the emoji and a box with copy button will slide out from the bottom of your device screen

Copy emoji to clicpboard

Click the COPY button

Now you go into your wordpress editor and paste it in the area of interest. Where you need the smiley.

paste emoji in editor

My pasted emoji is not showing in the editor.


It’s actually there. You can see it on this same page you’re viewing.

See more emoji i pasted below ..

🥳 🤩 😎 🤓 💀 👻 🖐️

You can copy multiple emoji at a go by just clicking multiple emoji, it all get stored in the box below before clicking the COPY button.

And we ‘re done.

You can do this as many times as you need the emojis in your post.

Using a WordPress Plugin

There are wordpress plugins available to use to help you add emoji to your wordpres post

This makes the process easier and does not requiring you copying and pasting.

You can access the emoji and smiley directly from the editor.

There are several of them

So, I will be talking about only two of them.

Native Emoji WordPress Plugin

As said earlier, Native Emoji allows you use smileys directly from your editor.

Firstly, install and activate “Native Emoji”.

Just type “Native Emoji” in your wordpress plugin page.


After installation and activation.

Now, when you’re in the wordpress editor. For example say Guternberg.

Click the smiley button and use whichever emoji you need in your post.

If you have a comment or additions to this, you can comment below and i will be so much happy to respond as soon as possible.

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