How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts – Two Easy Method

Everybody want’s to save time, right ?

I believe you and i agree on that . (;

As a WordPress webmaster – my website is built on WordPress. There are times when you want to delete more than one WordPress post all at once.

I’ve always bulk delete wordpress posts for one reason or the other.

Well, that’s pretty easy and we all know it.

  1. check the boxes beside each post to be deleted
  2. select “Move to Trash”
  3. Click the “Apply” button

Bad news is the above steps would only work on a few count of posts say maybe 10 posts.

There are this times when you want to delete hundreds of post, this is where the extra steps kick in as this is not readily available to do.


It is pretty straight forward. We will be using two method to do our bulk deletion

Method 1: Doing it Manually, Without no Plugin

Yes, i know the method said doing it manually.

I would say this method is semiautomatic. Why ? , because it allows you to delete up to 1000 posts at a time.

Cool, right ? instead of the 10 posts allowed by default.

WordPress allows you to select all posts on the page at once and perform a bulk action on them.

In case you don’t know how to do this

To select all posts on a page, Instead of you selecting each post one after the other, You only need to select the checkbox near the header Title text.

See the image below.

What this method is all about is increasing the amount of posts we can select at a time.

To do this:

You can do this through the Screen Option. The button is at the top right part of the page. Clicking this button will slide up a settings dialog like the shown below.

wordpress screen option

At this point, you can adjust the Number of items per page input box to a figure like 800. Whatever you like goes in the box. The default is 20.

Finally, Click the Apply button to make and apply the changes.

All 800 posts should now be showing on the same page.

To bulk delete all 800 posts, you should select the header checkbox to select all posts and move to trash like we did earlier.

Method 2: Using Plugin (WP Bulk Delete)

Almost every action is now achievable on WordPress with the help of plugin. Yes, i know that’s why plugin are made but seems there’s always a plugin for everything you ever want to do.

The second here requires the use of WordPress plugin and you need to download the plugin in this case.

The plugin Bulk WP will help you bulk delete wordpress posts even with more flexibility and options than you could ever think of.

You can download the plugin here

Say if you want to delete all post from a particular author or you want to delete all posts older than 2 weeks. IT GOT YOU COVERED.

This plugin allows you to bulk delete not only posts but also comments, users, pages and even custom fields.

You can also schedule posts to be deleted later in time and most interesting is you can delete posts directly without sending to trash. Like directly off the server.

Let’s assume that you’ve install the aforementioned plugin and you ‘re set.

To bulk delete the 800 posts like we did using the first method, follow the steps below.

The plugin WP Bulk Delete can be use by clicking on it’s at the side bar.

From this point, you can select different options that let’s you filter out the post you want to delete. Like there’s a lot of options available for you. Gives us so much flexibility.

wp bulk delete plugin

To delete all posts on the website, you should change the to post type of items to delete input to Posts.

Then click the Delete posts button at the bottom and that’s it. So simple.

Deleting all posts on the wordpress website is the least of things you can do with WP bulk plugin. There’s alot more.

You can even filter and delete posts base on it’s content and words in it.

For example, deleting all post that contains the phrase: Come here

You need to go through all options to get the best out of the plugin.

This concludes this post.

Please feel free to drop a comment or a question if you have one. Any suggestion and contribution is highly welcome.

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