How to Download Whatsapp Status Using No Software or Apps

Hello guys

In this post we will be learning about how to download Whatsapp status updates without the help of any third party software or application.

Ok, you might already be thinking why ?

Not everyone, including me and probably you, like using third party application for some obvious reason .

  1. This means i’m having one more application on my phone hence more load on my phone’s memory
  2. This so called third party application will go on to flood your phone screen with advertisements. That’s the reason they’re offering the app in the first place.

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s alright to use an app that displays ads


I don’t think that should be so just because i would like to download a Whatsapp status especially since i can just do it without using any software or third party application.

There are also modified whatsapp application out there such as GB Whatsapp and Yo Whatsapp

They also let you download whatsapp application at the click of a button directly from inside your Whatsapp application itself.

Update: Yo Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are dead. Mark got them. So you now have more reasons to learn to download your statuses on your own.

But not everyone loves using modified software, again, including me.

I don’t like it at all

 I just love using softwares from the original source.

Anything nulled or modified is prolly a threat to me.

I don’t know if i’m the only one feeling this way or i’m just kinda paranoid .. !

Ok, let’s move on.

How Does It Work ?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Technically, Whatsapp actually stores every status you viewed on your phone storage for a period of time before another status media overwrites it

Be it videos or pictures, they both have where they are stored.

Those third party app doesn’t perform any technical magic or connects to any server to download your status media.

The Status media are downloaded automatically on your phone the moment you viewed the status media in your Whatsapp application.

Yes, you read it right, it’s stored on your mobile phone. 

All those app does is only copy files around on your mobile phone.

Further Explanation

The statuses are stored in the WhatsApp folder under Media then .Statuses


The only odd thing here is that the .Statuses folder is hidden by default

Therefore, you need to unhide the .Statuses folder to be able to navigate into the folder

Most Android phone’s File Explorer will allow you view hidden file and folders. You just figure it out.

In my case,

I do use Es File Explorer as my default file explorer and Es Explorer shows hidden folders and files by default without any tinkering.

You can download Es File Explorer from the Google playstore for android users.

All images and videos lies in this folder without any additional folder, they are all there together.

All you need to do now is move the medias which you need.

So, where should you move them ?

You should move them into the appropriate folder on your device.

Move the files away from the .statuses hidden folder into the folders which you’re more familiar with. Folders such as the Pictures folder.  

Say i need a picture, i will need to move it into my Pictures folder.

The third-party applications you’re using to download your Whatsapp status is doing the exact same thing. They even do create a dedicated folder in their name on your device. It’s in this folder they copy the files into.

A Pratical Example: Downloading a Random Image

I will download a Whatsapp statuses from a contact without employing any software to do that for us.

I am going to copy files around on my mobile phone like i explain in the last section.

Basically, you only need to move the file from that folder so as not to be overwritten by new incoming status media files.

I will download a random image to explain it better.

See this below screenshot image from one of my contacts status.

Now, Let’s go check the /Whatsapp/Media/.Statuses folder and check for the picture.

There it is ..


It’s already there in the .Statuses folder, Whatsapp downloaded it automatically when i viewed the Status earlier.

Now, you can just move it anywhere you deem fit.

So that’s it without using any third party application or modified Whatsapp. we can download our Whatsapp status onto our phone.

LoL, we are not even downloading it because it’s already on the phone.

we only moved it around.

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That’s it.

If you have a comment or additions to this, you can comment below and i will be so much happy to drop a response as soon as possible.

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