How To Download Youtube Videos With no Softwares [GUIDE]

Hello guys,

Okay, i know some people might think this is very simple and shouldn’t even be a post on here or worth talking about.


I agree with you but i assure you some folks don’t know how to download videos from Youtube without installing any software.

I’m posting this guide base on a request from a friend.

Even though you know how, I believe you also got the information from somewhere so let’s also make it happen here.

Plus, There might also encounter some additional here.

There are several method to download a Youtube videos which includes the use of a website and the most popular being

What makes savefrom popular is because of it’s ability to move from youtube to their site just by adding a prefix to the download URL of the video.

This saves a lot time from copying and pasting video URL back and forth.

Let’s detail this steps to download a Youtube video by actually downloading one video in this guide.

We will be using Ed Sherren perfect – Youtube video for demonstration.

You can use any video of your choice to follow up. It’s okay.

Here’s the link to the video we will be downloading:

Most other web downloader for Youtube out there requires you to copy the link of the video and paste somewhere on their site.


Savefrom makes this so much easy that all you need to do is add a prefix to the URL.

The prefix is “ss”. Yes, just “ss”.

Adding ‘ss‘ to youtube to become will take you to the download page of that video.

download youtube video

Redirects you to something like the below page (screenshot).

download youtube video

At this point, all that needs to be done next is selecting the quality of the video.

The quality option available to you depends on the video configuration. Some video allows up to 1080p while some is only 480p and sometimes even just 360p.

The highest quality available is the default so you can just click download button or you can change selection.

Using a Browser Extension

Savefrom also offers browser extension if you’re a chrome user. This one is the sweetest.

Why is this the sweetest ?

Well, Instead of using the “ss” we discussed above, This is more simpler because

Everytime you are on a youtube page, there will always be a download button below every video with the option to select video quality like it’s on the main site.

Here’s what i’m talking about below, you see where i placed the red box in the image screenshot below.

download youtube video

With the help of the browser add-on, you don’t need to visit the main website.

Everything can be done on the video page itself as the installed browser inject the download button on the page.

You Select the video quality and the download will starts. makes it all easy without leaving Youtube.

How to install the extension ?

Installing the extension is also straight forward with no extra configuration.

Download the add-on and install it in your browser. The add-on browser extension download button is there on website. See the screenshot shown below

download savefrom extension

After clicking the “Install” button, the program is downloaded on your system.

You need to run it after which you will be presented with the below screen.

download savefrom extension

You should accept the terms and agreement. Then, you now need to follow through with the installation steps to get it installed on your system.

There is a part during the installation that allows you to also install for firefox. You can decide to install only for chrome or both firefox and chrome.

See the screenshot below.

download savefrom extension

This will install the extension on your computer and will make the whole process so easy.

This is not only for Youtube, with the extension installed, you will always see a download button on almost every page that contains a video.

This will happen from time to time while surfing the internet.

Other method ?

This concludes this post about downloading a Youtube video with no software used

If you have a contribution to make or suggestion, please drop a comment below and i will so glad to reply you ASAP.


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