How to Get WordPress Version Of Any WordPress Website.

wordpress version of any website

Why would i need the WordPress version of any website ?

Yes, it happened. I needed the wordpress version of a website because i observed a functionality which i think my wordpress website doesn’t have.

So, i set out to figure the version of the website.

I looked around but all i could find is getting the version of my own website which i have access to.

But what about websites which i don’t have access ?

I figured a way and this is what i’m showing in this post.

Firstly, let me show you how to get your own website wordpress version before other website.

Who knows, you might need the information for your website at any point in time. You know maybe to determine if your website is up to date.

Get WordPress Version Of Your Own Website

Method 1: Through the Admin Page

You can get the version of your wordpress website easily through the admin dashboard page.

You need to login to the admin area

After login, You should scroll all the way down.

At the bottom, You will find ‘Thanks for creating with WordPress’ line. Next to this, you will see your WordPress version number.

wordpress version

Look at the screenshot above, i’m using wordpress version 5.3.2

Method 2: Through /version.php

This method requires your to access your web hosting file directory.

You can find your wordpress version in the version.php under your website wp-includes directory.

You should search for this file if you can’t figure where to find it.

I will assume you found this file. Now, you need to search for wp_version like i did below.


You can see, it’s reporting 5.3.2 as well.

Now let’s move on .

Get WordPress Version Of Any Other Website

Please note that these methods may not work on some websites. Some security conscious webmaster do hide this information to protect their website. As not everybody has good intentions.

Method 1: Through the source code

You can get the wordpress version of any website through the site’s source code itself. But where do you look ?

Right click on the website, click ‘View page source”. You can easily use Ctrl+U to view the page source.


After opening the site’s source code, Search for “generator” in your browser – You can do this with Ctrl+F


The screenshot above shows i’m using WordPress 5.3.2.

This method is pretty straight forward to find the wordpress version of any website.

Method 2: Through the Feed Data

You can also get a wordpress website version through the data in the sites feed.

I will still assume our website is

To access the feed, you should visit

Search for “v=” in your browser by uisng Ctrl+F.

See the screenshot below.


I did the above for my website. From the screenshot the wordpress version is 5.3.2.

Method 3: Through the readme.html

Almost all wordpress installation still has it’s readme.html still intact.

You can find the wordpress version at the top of the file.

Let’s assume our website is , you can get the wordpress version by visiting Then you have it.

See the screenshot below.

The downside to this method is that it doesn’t work with recent version of WordPress installations.

For recent version of WordPress, all you will get is the same page as before but without the WordPress version at the header.


See the screenshot above, the version is not present.

Get WordPress Version of Any website using wpverx

After putting out this guide post, i decided to build a tool to help find WordPress version of any website.

I’m going to post a download link soon.

If you have a comment or additions to this, you can comment below and i will be so much happy to respond as soon as possible.

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