How To Use Your Android Mobile Phone as Sound Speaker For Your Computer [Steps]

Ok here we are.

I am assuming here that your computer speaker is bad or you had it busted. So, you can use it no longer and it can’t speak out again. .

Yes, i know you can use an earpiece, hands-free, headset through the earpiece jack on the computer.

But for the purpose of this guide, let’s assume we don’t have any thing else.

No earpiece jack, no Bluetooth headset, i mean nothing EXCEPT our android phone whose speaker is almost perfect.

Then we can actually use the phone speaker as replacement for the computer speaker. Yes we can !

When we do this, any audio sound that’s being played on the computer will be streamed onto your phone and the music will heard through your phone.

Pretty cool, right ?

So what do we need to use your android phone as speaker for your computer ?

All we need is an application. An android application.

There is an app called Sound Wire from Georgie Labs.

This simple software allows you to set up a client/server connection to send and receive audio data between your computer and your android phone

It’s pretty easy to set up and get running within minutes. So, lets get to it.

How does it works ?

The below image better illustrates how this work.

The soundwire server is the computer and the android phone is the client. They have to be in the same network.

The computer is running a Soundwire server and the mobile phone uses the mobile application to connects to this server.

Then, the computer now sends it’s audio output through this connection to the connected mobile phone.

So, this requires you to setup a server on the computer and a client on the mobile android phone.

Setting up the Soundwire server on the computer

We have to download the server from GeorgieLabs website here

The server is available for different platform so you need to select the appropriate one for you.

I’m on a windows 7 so i’m selecting the first option “Windows 7/8/10 version .. 

download soundwire

Next, you should install the software on your computer as appropriate.


The first time you run soundwire after installation, You might get a firewall security alert, You need to grant it access for Soundwire to work properly.

soundwire firewall

Assuming the installation goes fine and everything goes smoothly, you should have a screen similar to the below screenshot.


Now, where do we go from here ?

You need to select the input device to be streamed to our client end – Your Android mobile phone.

Then, you should set how much output sound should be sent out to your mobile phone. You should see this is like a volume control.


The input device selection should be left at default and the Master Volume scale can be adjusted as you deem fit

To be sure the input device is working, you can just a play a sample music and watch the sound meter for movement.

Input device is working fine as indicated by the meter activity.

Now, we need to setup the client on the mobile phone.

Setting up the Soundwire client on your android phone

This is the easiest part, just like every mobile installation you’ve done before.

  1. Download the app from the playstore
  2. Install the app
  3. Connect to the server

Search for SoundWire from the Google Playstore and install the application


After installation, when you launch the application. You should see somthing like below screenshot.


At this point, we are 98% done. Server (Computer) has been setup as well as client (Android Phone). All that needs to be done now is connect the client to the server

As I mentioned earlier, they both need to be in the same network.

To connect to the computer server, you need to click the big button in the mobile app ( the one with the spiral springs) and the app will do the rest.

soundwire spiralbutton

Finally, On the computer server, the application will indicate that the client is connected.

If you have the above screen looks like mine. I mean the status shows Connected , then all is good. Sit back and watch

This concludes our setup.

Now any movie or music playing on your computer will also be streamed to your mobile phone.

In my opinion, that’s pretty cool. Please, Let me know what you think about this.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any suggestions, questions or contribution to make.

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