7 Whatsapp Tricks And Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know About


Whatsapp is currently dominating all messaging services out there. It’s no doubt.

Yes, Please read on.

Whatsapp now have billions of users.

It’s like everyone is using Whatsapp.


How about i tell you that you don’t know all features Whatsapp has to offer.

Yes, the below are list of feature-like-trick for you.


Sending Your Location

We all send videos, pictures, voice notes, blah blah.

But do you know you can also send your location to a user ?

Yes, you can send your current location to another Whatsapp user so they can track you.

What’s even better is you can send your live location so it keeps updating as you move around.

This do come handy several times.

Whether you’re meeting up with a new friend or you need an old friend to locate you.

Instead of writing a long text describing that there’s a coffee shop at your front or a mechanic shop is adjacent to where you’re waiting.

You can just send your location instead just like you’re sending video. It’s pretty simple.

Hit the attachment button, the same place you tap whenever you want to send pictures and document.


Tap the location Icon


You need to grant Whatsapp access to your location if you haven’t already done so by clicking “Allow” when it asks for permission.


Click the Share live location or a nearby place say a coffee shop if you don’t want to share your live location.


Select how long you want Whatsapp to keep updating your location, i selected 1 hour in my case. Then add a comment/caption to the location. Something like “my current location“.


Finally tap the send icon to send to the recipient.


If you send this to me, i can view your live location for the next 1 hour.

Even if you’re on the move.

Cool, right ?

Let’s move on please.

Read message anonymously without offing receipt

I don’t know about you but in my case there are several times i would love to read a message but doesn’t want the sender know i read it yet.

I don’t want Whatsapp to send the double blue tick read receipt.

Yes you can but it’s a bit hacky but it does work.

You need to put your phone in Airplane mode.

Send the message

Take your phone off the Airplane mode.

And, That’s it.

Broadcast Message to Many Users at a Time

You need to send the same message to your brothers North, South, East and West.

But you don’t want to type the message to North and forward the message to the others.

You want to type it to them each.

You can broadcast the message to the four of them instead.

Yes you can copy and paste, but what if you ‘re sending to 30 people instead of 4. Do you copy and paste to each one of the 30 ?

No, Broadcasting the message is the way to go.

To broadcast a message

Launch Whatsapp, Tap the 3 dot icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Select New Broadcast


Select all contacts you want to broadcast to and tap the green mark button.


This will create a new conversation for you. like you’re in a group chat.

Whatever you send into this DM will be send out to all the selected contacts.

They will all receive the message like you sent it directly. North, South, West and East will all think you send it to them individually.

When you’re done, you should delete the broadcast list chat. It’s almost not different from a group chat but it’s not a group chat.

It does help alot.

Search a chat For Message Text

There are times when you need to get an information from a chat. A chat from a long time. For example, 3 weeks ago.

You don’t need to scroll all the way back.

Whatsapp allows you search a chat for messages.

When you’re in the chat. Tap the 3 dot icon at the top right corner of your screen and select Search


Type in your lost word in the box, Whatsapp will search and highlight each occurrence.

You can go back and forth using the arrow up and down icon


Let’s go on.

Find who you talk to the most

Yes, I always wanted to know who i talk to the most. I’m pretty sure it’s the same with you.

We want to know who we spending most of our online presence even though it’s obvious to some of us.

Whatsapp allows you check who you talk to the most.

It’s actually a list showing who you talking to the most to the least of person you barely talk to .

Follow this step

Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > Select Contact. 

And there you have it.

See how long you’ve been ignored

This one is weird but it does happen.

You get pissed when you send a message and you not getting back a reply. The recipient is not reading you message.

Well, I can help you get more pissed by showing you how to check how long the chat has been ignored 😎.

Select the chat where the message was sent

tap down on the message

Tap on the tripple dot and select info at the top of the screen

You can see how long your message has been read.


Add shortcuts to your favorite chats

I added shortcut to my girlfriend’s chat so i can access our chats straight from my phone’s home screen.

Then, I can click on it from the home screen without first launching Whatsapp.

Moreover, I do need to chat her from time to time anyway so why always go through the hassle of opening Whatsapp then scrolling to our chat, then open the DM.

This is taking forever.

You can just add a shortcut to your favorite chats. So you can access it more easily.

Press down on the chat you want to add as shortcut

Then, tap on the tripple dot icon and select Add chat shortcut

This will add the chat to your home screen and then you can access the chat from there so easily.

Without having to launch Whatsapp first.

That’s It

You think i’m missing on somethings or you have contribution to this, Please drop a message in the comment section below and let me know what you think .


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