Top 3 Alternatives To Windows Command Prompt

We all already got the command prompt but there’s always a better replacement and that’s what this is about.

3 Alternatives to windows command prompt.

In this post, we will look out 3 better alternatives to the command prompt base on personal review only.

You can always try them out on your own but i am only ranking them base on extensive use and how they perform so you don’t have to do the same.

Moreover, Everything that has a pro always has a con except we don’t want talk about it.



CMDer is at the top of the list for various reason mainly because of it’s beautiful user interface and extra functionalities. It’s stated to have been created out of frustration giving the look and feel which the windows command prompt has been lacking.

CMDer has all feature a native shell possess including TAB completion and command history.

CMDer comes in 2 different version – Mini version and Full version.

The Full version has Git includes with it so it’s much heavy than the Mini version.

The Mini is so small and light.

CMDer can be placed on a USB stick and moved around, launch anywhere.

So far, It’s the best.

You can download CMDer from here

2. ConEmu

alternative to windows command prompt conemu

Before talking anything about ConEmu, you should know it’s not a shell application on it’s own.

It’s actually an abstraction and layer above the windows command prompt to offer what the command prompt couldn’t offer such as looks and multi session.

ConEmu is not a shell like i said earlier, so it does not provide “shell features” like tab-completion, remote access, and others


I vouch it’s gonna solve a lot of pain for you. Problems we’ve always been facing with the command prompt. For example, Multi tab.

It even allows you use Drag-and-Drop as well as customizing the status bar.

You know what ?

It even allows you run a GUI app like Putty in a separate tab.

Seriously, That’s pretty cool.

You can also download ConEmu as either a portable version that can be placed on a thumb drive or an Installer package to install on your computer.

You can download ConEmu from here

3. Console


Console is like an editor and a shell combined.

It offers various enhancement including multitabs, transparency, text selection, multi-theme, alpha and color-key transparency and the likes.

Console is also portable so you can move it around.

I used console first after the command prompt which i was stuck with but i stayed with Cmder because of it’s more elegant UI.

You can download Console from here


There are whole lot of other alternatives out there but this list comprise the best and popular for them plus i only choose them after using them extensively.

If you have an addition to this list or think i missed something or you think my ranking is not right, please feel free to drop a comment below and i will reply ASAP.

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