How to Write Upside Down Messages In Whatsapp and Instagram, sıɥ⊥ ǝʞı˥

whatsapp upsidedown message

The social media is a really cool place to be .. do you agree with me ?

Sure you do agree.

Knowing how to chat up friends and sound cool is one thing but showing up cool is another thing.

Let me cite you a sample scenario, you know it’s my thing.

Ok, We always have this weekend football training at the community field. We decided to have a Whatsapp chat group for our training members.

Then it’s time for introduction.

There’s this new guy. He is the chatty type and comes up like this : “Hello ladies, how you holding up .. i’m here to help you weaklings top up the game and .. blah blah blah ” – ok let’s just assume he said something cool .

And every one is already eager to meet him on the next weekend training, cool right ?

There you are. You also wanted to be the cool type.

How about i tell you that you can actually type your messages upside down . huh !?.

Yes, i’m serious, sıɥ⊥ ǝʞı˥.

Ok, let’s get to it

How does it work ?

You can read this section that detailed how it works if you’re the nerdy type or you can just skip over to the part that teaches you how you can write messages upside down.

You should know there’s not much to this.

All you need to know is these upside messages is about text substitution. it just replaces each alphabet with it’s upside down look alike and similar ones in the unicode characters set or just in the normal alphabet.

So for example, The letter ‘d’ can use letter ‘p’ for upside down and letter ‘q’ can use letter ‘b’ for upside down.

You get the drill ?

In most case it’s flipped look alike version can only be found in the unicode character. For example, the letter ‘F’ can be substituted with unicode character u2132 . which is the only flipped look alike for it.

Some letters don’t have an exact flipped version but you will always get something so close that you can’t see the difference.

All website tools mentioned in this post is built base on this.

How it’s done

We will be using a website called for turning our messages upside down.

I will be launching the same thing soon , so stay updated. I can also detailed how this is implemented , just fire me an email.

So it is pretty straight forward. You will copy your text into the upper box and you get your flipped text in the bottom box.

So easy !!

message upsidedown

The message we are using here is – “hey there, i will be seeing you soon.!

Make sure you check both check box button on the page to get the desired result. Backwards Effect (Reverses text) and Upside Down Effect (Flips text)

Or, you might just play around with this button to figure our what it does. This will help you understand better.

The website is nice enough to be updating the flipped text as you type so you don’t need to click a button before you get your upside down flipped text.

You can now go on to copy the flipped text back to your social media app I’m using Whatsapp in my case.

See my screenshot below

whatsapp upsidedown message

You should know that this isn’t whatsapp specific feature so you can use this wherever you can paste a text including other social media website like facebook, reddit, twitter and on and on.

The same thing i did on twitter

Then instagram.

The list goes on, you can use this on any social media out there.

There are whole lot of site that let’s you flip text upside down but i have been using this website.

who knows maybe because it’s easy to remember .

Ok, there you have it. you can now go on to text people upside down so they will have to turn their phone upside down before they can read your message. It’s funny though.

I actually did this to my girlfriend to tell her i’m sorry and she was happy with it.

Why ?

it’s because she actually found it funny.

If you have a comment or additions to this, you can comment below and i will be so much happy to respond as soon as possible.

.ʇᴉ ɹoɟ oפ

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